Datsun GO makes the car of your dreams a reality. With impressive acceleration and fuel efficiency, a spacious interior for family and friends, and plenty of room in the boot too, it’s designed for the way you really live. And so accessible, you can stop wishing and start driving – today


Datsun GO doesn’t just look modern, it’s modern to the core – filled with innovative thinking for a vehicle in its segment. It might be a detail, like the texture of the cabin materials. Or it might be as fundamental as large, ventilated front brakes to improve stopping power. Welcome to a brand-new way to move through the world.


When it comes to stature and presence, Datsun GO feels like a class above. A low, roofline and wide stance give it a sporty attitude and road-hugging handling. And even with its long wheelbase and high ground clearance for a smooth ride, Datsun GO is still compact enough to slip right into tight parking spaces.


Spacious Interior

Everyone gets to stretch out in Datsun GO, thanks to best-in-class cabin length. Your rear passengers will feel like they’re in a cosy sedan, with best-in-class knee room and a well-cushioned seat. Up front, you’ll find best-in-class shoulder room, and more head room than many competitors. Personal items have their own place too, in the under-dash storage, the deep bin on top, and in the door pockets with bottle holders big enough to keep your thirst quenched.


Responsive Power Train

There’s a little bit of race car in every Datsun GO. Its 1.2-L engine is one of the largest in its class, borrowing “perfect circle bore machining” from race car technology to deliver class-leading power and torque. You’ll love the get-up-and-go, while a counterbalance system minimizes noise and vibration to give you a quiet, smooth ride.


Frugal Fuel Efficiency

Datsun GO gets an impressive 5.2l/100km – competitive in its segment, even though Datsun GO is bigger inside and out. That’s a smart package.


Small Turning Radius

Even with a longer wheelbase than most cars in its class, Datsun GO still has a very small turning radius – handy when you need to make a 3-point turn on a narrow street.


Quiet Cabin

Enjoy the conversation and your music. Because Datsun GO is solidly built with strategically placed insulation which absorbs driving and wind noise, making your time behind the wheel quality time.


Generous Boot Space

Weekend getaway? Friends flying in? Not to worry. With best-in-class boot space of 265 L, the luggage will fit, and then some.


Advanced Suspension

Datsun GO is engineered to respond quickly to driver input and to take the bumps in stride. The class-above front suspension uses a double-pivot front arm for greater agility, while a high response damper inspired by luxury sedans quickly absorbs irregularities in the road. Imagine, a car that makes the road feel smoother than it is.


Speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering

Sometimes you want more steering assist, other times less. The system in Datsun GO has it all figured out by adjusting the level of power assist according to how fast you’re going. At lower speeds, it gives you more assist, so it’s easier to park and manoeuvre. At higher speeds, steering is tighter, for more control.


Ventilated Disc Brakes

Eventually, your Datsun GO has to stop, and to make sure you can do that safely, we use 22 mm ventilated disc brakes in the front. The brake system helps reduce brake “fade” from overheating, which means more secure, consistent stopping and a longer life for your brakes.


Low-Fatigue Seat Design

The front seats in Datsun GO are specially designed to keep you relaxed and alert, even during long hours behind the wheel. By adapting to the natural curve of the spine when sitting, they individually support the pelvis and chest and relieve pressure on your back. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, ready for whatever you have to take on next.


Intelligent Wiper System

Bad weather needs good wipers. The wipers change frequency automatically as your car’s speed increases, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them. You can stay focused on driving safely, with better visibility. And when you use the windshield washer function, the wipers have a special mode that waits a few seconds, then comes back on to wipe away the last few drops.


Electronic Accelerator Pedal

Step on the accelerator and notice how smoothly it responds. That’s because it’s controlled electronically – not by a cable – which also means less maintenance and lower emissions.


Leather-feel Grain Pattern

This is the kind of detail that makes Datsun GO feel like a class above – a dashboard and interior trim with a leather-feel grain pattern that’s soft to the touch. We put a lot of care into choosing material that would elevate the experience by giving the dash an upmarket feel.