Panel Van Features


Every Trip Made Better with Datsun

If you’re after a small van that will carry you and your cargo around tight city streets to multiple drops, or if you just need something that will fit into a small garage or driveway the Datsun GO+ Panel Van is for you!


The Datsun GO+ PV promises to add a thrill to your daily delivery demands. Put your foot down and feel the perky power deliver torque at low down revs – just what you need when carrying a load. The GO+ Panel Van can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h quickly helping you to meet your customer’s delivery deadlines. Cruising at speeds of about 120 km/h on highway deliveries is no problem at all – all at 5.2 l/ per 100 Km/h.

Docking Station

On the Datsun GO+ PV it specifies the Docking Station that will allow you to play music directly from your favorite smart phone / gadget. For businesses use WAZE to get you to and from your customers quickly and efficiently.

Load on Any Side Of The Road

The large loading rear door and the side rear doors offers easy ability load your cargo on any side of the road without obstructing traffic or injuring yourself!


In this vehicle the gear-lever and parking brake lever are situated in the front IP, so it provides more comfort for the driver and front passenger.

Bumpy Roads

Over bumpy and patchy roads, the car behaves well, thanks to a stiffer suspension setup and highest ground clearance in its class.

Lower CO²

The Datsun GO+ Panel Van has lower CO2 emission for improved environmental performance.

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