Plus Design

Ideal for The Extended Family Datsun Go+ Design

The Datsun GO+ comes with all the loved features from the Datsun GO+, and more. Call it an extended style statement, designed to let you carry a lot while standing out.

With a robust body, strong lines and impressive wheel arches, Datsun GO+ is the new benchmark in design. Think of it as a bold way to signify your arrival.

There’s a lot going on in your life, and your car should help you make things happen. As a car that’s made to be as flexible as your needs, the Datsun GO+ offers a 5+2 seating option that also doubles up as extra space whenever you need it. Now you can go ahead and live your life your way: The Datsun GO+ will surely make itself fit.


Modern Design

Light your Upward Path With Distinctive Headlamps

The Datsun GO+ sports iconic headlamps to brilliantly mark your arrival. They’re tough enough to handle whatever South Africa’s roads can throw at you.

Imposing Front Fenders

The Datsun GO+ features bold fenders that add a subtle touch of class. The resulting silhouette gives the Datsun GO+ enough character to stand out amongst the regular, everyday drives.


The Stylish D-Cut Grille

Announce your arrival in style with the Datsun GO+’s trendy D-cut grille. It’s designed with a beautiful honeycomb structure to make sure that you and your car get noticed.


Dominant Rear Shoulders

The Datsun GO+ is made with real care, and it shows in the rear of the car. With its signature rear shoulders, the car stands apart from anything else in its class.


Classic & Elegant

Ergonomic seating that’s got your back

Be as refreshed when you step out of your car as when you stepped into it. The Datsun GO+ has spinal support seats that adjust to your posture. This reduces pressure, optimises circulation, and reduces fatigue from the pelvis all the way to the chest.

Enough space for your ever-changing needs

The Datsun GO+ comes with 347L of boot space when rear seats are folded.

Every seat feels like the best seat

Enjoy a sense of premium comfort wherever you sit: Every seat provides an exceptional amount of personal space.

Surprisingly Spacious

Everyone gets to stretch out in the Datsun GO+. Passengers sitting in front can enjoy extensive head and shoulder room, while those sitting in the back will feel like they’re in a spacious sedan.


Front Connected Seat

The connected design of the extended front seat makes room for a purse or bag, plus makes it easy to slide across and out the other side in tight parking situations.

Leather-Feel Grain

The connected design of the extended front seat makes room for a purse or bag, plus makes it easy to slide across and out the other side in tight parking situations.


Keep all of your belongings safe and within reach with this uniquely designed glove compartment. There’s plenty of room for those things that come along on every journey.

Side Pocket

With side pockets situated throughout the cabin, Datsun GO+ makes room for what you and your passengers bring along for the ride.


Holiday getaway? Relatives flying in? Not to worry. With ample cargo space and two rows of fold-flat seating, the luggage will fit, and then some.
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