Plus Features


The Datsun GO+ is packed with all the best features from the Datsun GO, and we’ve also added a few eye-catching new ones. Its elongated body shape makes it ultra spacious, meaning you’ll never have to choose between comfortable seating or a large boot.

The design aesthetic is distinctive and modern, reinforced by a sleek dynamic silhouette and strong shoulder line. The overall impression is one of stand-out style, letting you make a statement wherever you travel.

Datsun GO+ doesn’t just look modern, it’s modern to the core – filled with advanced thinking usually found on more expensive cars.


The heart of your entertainment system


Mobile Docking Station

You can dock your smartphone in the Datsun GO+’s mobile docking station, which is connected to speakers in the two front doors. This makes you the DJ, and also gives you access to everything a smartphone offers.


Portrait and Landscape View

A simple swiveling motion puts your smartphone into landscape view. This helpful trick is great for viewing navigation apps and making the most of your screen.


Auxiliary and USB Inputs

The auxiliary input and available 3.5 mm cable connects your smartphone to the Mobile Docking Station. Use the USB input as a handy source of power or a way to charge your portable device.


A little more of everything

Quiet Cabin

Enjoy the conversation and your music. Because Datsun GO+ is solidly built with strategically placed insulation to reduce driving and wind noise, making your time behind the wheel quality time.

Low-Fatigue Seat Design

The front seats in Datsun GO+ are specially designed to keep you relaxed and alert, even during long hours behind the wheel. By adapting to the natural curve of the spine when sitting, they individually support the pelvis and chest and relieve pressure on your back. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, ready for whatever you have planned next.

360º A/C Ventilation

Even the air conditioning vents are special. Unlike traditional rectangular vents, their circular design lets you pin-point exactly where you want the air to blow. You can also close them to force more air out of other vents – if it’s just you on board, you can enjoy all the air. And the upper dash vents are perfectly placed to cool off your rear passengers.


Follow-Me-Home Headlamps

A Clear Road Ahead

Bad weather can compromise visibility and your safety. That’s why the Datsun GO+’s wiper intuitively adjusts its speed to that of the car to account for varying rainfall. Plus, it features a special mode where a final wipe clears away remaining droplets.

Long Range Headlamps

More than stylish, these head lamps with large, hexagonal reflectors provide wider and longer visibility than the competition for best-in-class lighting performance.

Smart Meter

Not just a Smart Meter, but the smartest meter in the class. It includes a digital tachometer, plus a gear shift guide on the speedometer that shows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance.


Digital Display

The Drive Computer displays fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and, really helpful, distance to empty.


Shift Speed Indicator

The easy-to-read speedometer features a gear shift guide right on its face that shows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance.

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