Plus Performance


From bonnet to boot, the Datsun GO+ is packed with modern technologies. With its reliable 1.2L engine, advanced suspension system and front ventilated disk brakes, the Datsun GO+ delivers impressive performance that promises to exhilarate.

And with features like the intuitive windscreen-wiping system, and follow-me-home headlamps, your drive is safe as it is fun.


Space for Power

The largest-in-class 1.2L engine, with perfect circle bore machining technology, delivers segment-leading power and torque. Combined with a counterbalance system, you’ll enjoy minimal noise and reduced vibration for an exceptionally quiet ride. It’s great performance that’s also affordable.

Stay Safe with Ventilated Disk Brakes

Should you need to bring your joyride to a sudden stop; the Datsun GO+ features 22mm front ventilated disk brakes, the largest in its class. This advanced system also increases longevity by reducing the brake fade from overheating.

Effortlessly Make Your Way Ahead

Step on the accelerator and notice how smoothly it responds. That’s because it’s controlled electronically – not by a cable – which also means less maintenance and lower emissions.


Speed-Sensitive Electric Power Steering

Sometimes you want more steering assist, other times not so much. The system in Datsun GO+ has it all figured out by adjusting the level of power assist according to how fast you’re going. At lower speeds, it gives you more assist, so it’s easier to park and manoeuvre. At higher speeds, steering is tighter, for more control.

5-Speed Manual Transmission

As you grab the next gear on the 5-speed manual transmission, you’ll appreciate the positive engagement and comfortable placement of the gear shift knob. Up and out of the way, it provides extra space and comfort for your legs and feet.

Ventilated Disc Brakes

Eventually, your Datsun GO+ has to stop, and to make sure you can do that safely, we use 22 mm ventilated disc brakes in the front, the largest in the class. The brake system helps reduce brake “fade” from overheating, which means more secure, consistent stopping and a longer life for your brakes.

Tight Turning Radius

Even with a longer wheelbase than most cars in its class, Datsun GO+ still has a very small turning radius – handy when you need to make a 3-point turn on a narrow street.

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