Review of the Awesome New Datsun Go at Datsun Melrose

Review of the Awesome New Datsun Go at Datsun Melrose

So, the new Datsun Go is on the market in South Africa, available at Datsun Melrose. At a starting price from R92, 500, you can see that it is going to strip away at the segment of the market. Price matters and, with the Datsun being priced as it is, it is easy to see that they are going in for the kill.

For a company that was known for decades as being reliable, affordable and trustworthy, you will be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that will out-perform the Datsun Go in the price range that it is competing in. One thing that is true for Nissan, and was true when Datsun saw its heyday in South Africa, is that you could find spares almost anywhere, and they were inexpensive to replace.

With this nifty little car, Datsun decided to strip away the radio and rather replace it with a port for your smartphone, so you can stream effortlessly whatever radio station you choose, or listen to your own music. Electric windows in the front and finishes that remind us of the Nissan Micra, you get the comfort of a more expensive car, for less.

The Datsun go will make heads turn with its stylish finishes and the remarkable use of space inside the cabin. With innovative design features like speed sensitive wipers, halogen headlamps and follow-me-home headlamps, there is no lack of comfort. So if you are in the market for an inexpensive and reliable car, the Datsun Go is the way to go. The brand has always been a benchmark to which other cars in its category have been measured. It is certainly worth your while to pop over to Datsun Melrose and take one of these exciting new cars for a test drive.

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