Tips for saving petrol

Tips for saving petrol

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In the modern economy, the cost of living seems to be getting higher and higher, the cost of petrol even more so. And while cars like the new Datsun Go offer impressive mileage (5.2 litres per 100km), there are additional ways for you to save on that all important liquid (not that we’re saying you shouldn’t book a test drive for Datsun Go).

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1. Don’t speed

You may think that reaching your destination quicker will save you, but it doesn’t. Speeding burns up more fuel, so that little dash you had this morning is most certainly going to hit your pocket.

2. Ease up on the accelerator

Maintaining a constant speed is far more economical on your car’s fuel consumption, so lift up that heavy foot, be gentle with your braking as well.

3. Use the correct gear

Driving slowly in a higher gear and fast in a lower gear burns up unnecessary fuel and puts a strain on your engine, be kind to your car.

4. Check tyre pressure

Tyres lose pressure over time, and this causes additional resistance for your car, using up additional fuel. Keep your tyres at the optimum pressure at all times.

5. Fill up in the morning

Petrol evaporates at high temperatures, so the best time to fill up is in the morning when it’s cool and at the most liquid state, you’ll get more value for your money as well.

6. Fill up when half full

In line with the filling up in the mornings, the more space you have in your tank, the quicker your petrol will evaporate, by filling up once you’ve reached half, you decrease the amount of air inside your tank, keeping more of your fuel in a liquid state.

7. Service regularly

A healthy car is far more economical on fuel.

8. Lift club

Find colleagues who stay along your commute route and form a lift club, rotating weekly or bi-weekly on the driving duties. This helps you share travel costs as well as gives you company for the morning traffic.

9. Clean your car

You’d be amazed at how much additional weight all those odds and ends adds to your car, making it heavier and using more petrol.

10. Use aircon sparingly

The air-conditioner in your car is a notorious gas guzzler, limit the usage to extreme cases, you’re not in your car for that long in any case.

11. Know your routes

BY getting to know your daily routes you can time the traffic lights accurately, as well as knowing all the stop signs and traffic circles, helping you to maintain a constant speed and get the best consumption possible on your petrol.

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