Why You Should Consider Visiting a Datsun Go Dealership When Shopping for Your First Car

Why You Should Consider Visiting a Datsun Go Dealership When Shopping for Your First Car

Why You Should Consider Visiting a Datsun Go Dealership When Shopping for Your First Car

At the Datsun Melrose Arch Dealership, nothing makes us happier than seeing an excited buyer drive off in their brand new car! The relationship between a driver and their first car is always an unforgettable one, so why not make sure your first is as cool, zippy and budget conscious as you!

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With so many Datsun Go dealerships dotted around the country, we often get first time buyers in who are torn between buying a budget-friendly new vehicle, or an older second-hand one. This is a valid question. Many second-hand cars that you see advertised in newspapers and online seem to be great bargains, and many people see buying a new car as an unnecessary luxury.

That’s why we here at Datsun Melrose Arch have put together this small list of reasons to consider a Datsun Go for your first car, rather than a second-hand vehicle.


  1. Unreliable Sellers

If you approach a second hand car seller privately, through a newspaper ad or website listing, there’s a fairly high chance that they are exaggerating in some respect in order to close the sale. They may also not be able to provide the car’s full service and accident history, or may mislead you in some other way. Unless you’re a professional mechanic, there is really no way to thoroughly inspect a second hand car before you buy it, and what seems like an amazing bargain today could turn into a black-hole of repair and maintenance costs that could break the bank pretty quickly!

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  1. Price

For the reasons listed above, you never really know what a good price is when it comes to buying a second hand car. Cars are, by nature, a depreciating asset that only lose value over time. General wear and tear, ageing parts, accident history and the driving practices of the previous owner all contribute to the loss of value. When you visit Datsun Go dealerships for a test drive, you can rest assured that our new cars are in pristine condition, and even better, they’re one of the most affordable new cars available in the country!


  1. Tech and gadgets

There are so many great features for comfort and convenience in the new Datsun Go – and chances are you won’t find these in most second hand cars out there today! Power windows, USB port, spinal support front seats, and intelligent wipers with drop-wipe function are just a few of the cool features you’ll have fun with in a Datsun Go!